Boss Yourself: 1 Year of GSD for Creators by Colin Gray

Boss Yourself: 1 Year of GSD for Creators

Plan your year of prolific creating & set up the tools to GET IT DONE! $50 off until Jan 31st.

"Boss Yourself" & Make Real Progress this Coming Year

Ever feel lost in your work? Not sure where you're going? Busy, but not making progress?

Here I'll gift you EVERY system, process and tool I've learned to help me run a creative business that makes real progress, and GETS THINGS DONE. Alongside the tools, I'll teach you how to use them to move fast, kill the stress, feel focussed & hit your goals. 

You're a Podcaster... Not a Productivity Guy?!

I spoke about this at an event last year, in front of 350 people. It was great to be asked not as a productivity teacher, but as someone who's built a business that gets a LOT done, from regular content, to software products, to client services. The feedback was amazing, and made my mind up to put my whole system together in one place, so you can do the same thing. 

"I Want the Overview!"

Ok, here's what you'll learn: 

  • Annual review - figure out what went wrong, what went right, what to do next
  • Annual Planning - define your year, your work themes and set great goals
  • Monthly Planning - how I review and plan, every month, to keep moving forward
  • Weekly Planning - My weekly process to hit targets, stay on track & cut stress
  • Daily schedule - to-do lists that stop you procrastinating, and align with your yearly goals

The process worked for me when I was working alone 4 years ago, and still does with my whole team, now. It's how we've managed to put out regular content on, release new products, grow, and double both our traffic and our revenue every year for the past 3 years.

What's included?

Video Icon 27 videos File Icon 11 files


Introducing 'Boss Yourself'
7 mins
The General: Craft your Amazing Year
Introducing, the General
2 mins
Only ONE thing? Really?
2 mins
Review the Past Year
4 mins
Annual Review Workbook
528 KB
Mastermind the Coming Year
5 mins
Annual Planning Workbook
582 KB
Create Your Working Themes
6 mins
Setting Your Goals
3 mins
Theme & Goal Setting Workbook
988 KB
Logging Goals
2 mins
The General: Conclusion
2 mins
Examples of Annual Planning
My Themes for 2018
99 KB
My Goals in 2017
Example Goal 1
Example Goal 2
The Captain: Turn Blue-Sky Goals into Monthly Strategy
Introducing, the Captain
2 mins
The Board Pack for Creators & Small Businesses
3 mins
What's in my Board Pack Template?
4 mins
Board Pack: Blank Template
29.5 KB
Example Board Pack
438 KB
The Board Pack & Teams
1 min
Putting it into Action: Task Organisation
1 min
Trello Planning Template
Using the Board Pack with Masterminds & Mentors
3 mins
Reassess Your Goals
1 min
The Captain: Conclusion
1 min
The Sarge: From Monthly Strategy to Weekly Action
Introducing, the Sarge
1 min
From the Monthly Pack to the Weekly Task
2 mins
Example Weekly Journal & Task List
The Weekly Work Journal
4 mins
The Need for a Weekly Meeting
1 min
The Sarge: Conclusion
1 min
The Soldier: Ground-Level Plans to Win the Day
Introducing, the Soldier
2 mins
The 5-Day Schedule Stack
2 mins
Filling up Your Schedule Stack
3 mins
Dealing with the Unexpected & Planning Your Next Day
3 mins
Conclusion: Choose Your Path
2 mins

Listen to My Previous Students

Despite my 30 years of experience in programme-making, Colin’s insight into what makes a podcast compelling is invaluable… I honestly wouldn’t make a podcast without him and I’d strongly suggest, neither should you!
Jackie Brambles
Colin is the man when it comes to helping you launch a podcast or improving your skills. The online courses were invaluable and his advice along the way is superb. Well recommended and I'd happily learn from him anytime.
Andy Hart
As someone who literally had no idea how to go about this, I am so glad I found Colin! If you want to concentrate on creating great content, then get Colin and his team to worry about everything else!
Julie Christie

Helping Podcasters & Creators Make Better Content & Better Businesses

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Is this just another goals planning course?

No! This includes goal setting, but it's a LOT more. 

I know, I know, I've done them too. But goals are only a tiny part of the process. You need to then figure out a working system to turn those goals into daily tasks. That's what this course is all about - the systems and tools I use to manage my day to day work, but align that with weekly planning and reviews, and up to monthly strategy and steering sessions. 

Who is this course for?

This course best suits people working on their own, or in small teams. It's perfect for anyone who runs a small business, or who is trying to build a business around something creative, online. 

If you'd like to be able to plan your goals for the year, and then create monthly, weekly and daily plans based on that, then this course is perfect for you.